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Bun-Zer0 has been DJing both in his native Belgium for over 15 years, and most recently internationally including performances at the legendary night FWD>> in London, as well as a three hour set in the USA.His interest in dubstep began after hearing early music from Horsepower Productions.In 2006, to spread his enthusiasm for this emerging sound, Bun began promoting nights at the Beursschouwburg, with a wide array of UK pioneers, including Skream, Youngsta, Loefah and Mark One.He also promoted some other nights with N-Type, Walsh and Dj Pinch as guests during the same period and he was the first one to book those artists in Belgium.

As a DJ, Bun-Zer0 has supported many of the scene's top artists, and is one of the best known dubstep DJs outside of the UK.He hosts an award winning weekly show on the first dubstep radio station, Sub.fm, with an audience of hundreds.It's no surprise Bun's show has a huge following, as he expertly blends fresh tunes from both the scene's big hitters, as well as unknown up and comers. Also, the accompaniment of harmonica player Mr Jo gives Bun's show a unique touch.

Bun has also been writing for the music magazine Rif Raf for over 10 years, as well as compiling the CD 'SubStance' from Aecletrik Records, which showcased the now diverse & international sound of dubstep.

With further international bookings as well as exciting lineups at his own nights, 2008 is set to see Bun-Zer0 cement his reputation as one of the scene's best-loved and most well-respected DJs. 2009 has clearly been the releases year for BunZer0 which is more and more involved in his own productions. Bass Tourist, Jemenfish and some coming ones on Stainage Rec are the labels where you can find his stuff. Hopefully more to come in 2010.He is still in the top10 worldwide best dubstep dj's and best dubstep radio shows with his FOB slot on sub.fm according to dubstepforum awards in 2010. http://www.dubstepforum.com/awards/index.html