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Dusk Creator

Born in the late 70's Dusk Creator is a producer working and living in and around Brussels (B). His musical interest grew little by little discovering funk & soul ever since he was able to dig in his parents’ record collection.

As the years went by he came across a whole bunch of musical genres until one day an early electronic compilation crossed his path. Progressively he tried to analyse what it was that makes this music so deep and rich. Once he understood the very basics of this all, he got his hands on his first 'instrument' being the Roland MC303. Ever since he became the addicted 'technology-freak' he still is today.

In the meanwhile, on the human side of life, he met up with people sharing that same passion for music making/playing and in no time music became a way of life. While DJ’ing every now and then his interest for music-production kept on growing. Today his productions are a mixture of everything he gets influenced by which makes it sometimes hard labeling his style. Influences range from Jazz to Hip-Hop, Dubstep, Drum 'n' Bass , Funk & Soul, Garage & 2-Step, Breaks etc...

What started as an average love for music changed into an (over)healthy passion for music creation & sound design The perpetual search for sound perfection became his greatest challenge and turned his life into a journey in this beautiful world called sound and all frequencies populating it.