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GRIMELOCK have been steadily building a name for them throughout Europe as Belgium’s finest bass music export.

Coming from the early Belgian jungle scene, Hush and Kalib created Grimelock in 2004. MC's Maëlan and Dynamic joined the crew shortly after to fill the shows with their energy.

GRIMELOCK brings on stage a unique, explosive and fast-paced combination of dubstep, garage, techno and hip hop in which are blended own productions, exclusive dubplates and timeless classics. Add to this the raw live energy of the MC’s and don’t be surprised if you find yourself bouncing, sweating and screaming for more.

In 2008 they set up Stainage Records, a label aiming to promote Belgian productions worldwide. They were also responsible for the infamous Stainage parties that brought all the biggest dubstep names in Brussels ages before the hype.