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Maëlan is a singer/songwriter born in Brussels, besides having a very unique flow, a strong sense of melody and a distinctive voice, he is also a talented producer, crafting beats for other artists and himself.

Raised in a multicultural environment, at a young age he was exposed to many different genres. His main influences are African music, reggae, hip hop, grime and dubstep.

At 8 , Maëlan already started to show interest in music and composed his first melodies on a little casio keyboard. In high school he then began to sing and write lyrics, in the meantime he recorded a couple of demos, and did his first live performances.

Later on he moved to UK with the firm intention to improve his musical knowledge. He spent his time between little jobs and college where he studied musical production and learned how to use musical softwares, mixing tables, etc.. This college is also the place where he met artists who he is still collaborating with today

When he returned to Belgium he began to perform as an MC with Grimelock and backing vocals alongside The Dynamic Band, touring the biggest festivals and venues around Europe (Dour festival, Couleur Café festival, Halles de Schaerbeek, Trix Antwerpen, Melkweg Amsterdam, Glaz'art, Jamel Comedy Club Paris, Summer Break festival Romania, Lille, Strassbourg, Lyon, etc...) .

2010 was the year of his first official realease, his song "feel the heat" came out on vinyl and mp3 on the label Stainage Records (Brussels) distributed worldwide by Cargo Records (London)

His debut LP "Live Life" will be released on Janngo Records, due late 2010 and features collaborations with artists like Omar Perry, Grimelock, Dynamic, Stanna G, Saviour, Alchemyst, Tezlin etc...