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mostcousus is a Stainage visual artist originating from Nantes (France), and after a few years in Helsinki (Finland) is now based in Brussels (Belgium). He has a long production background in electronica, experimental and ambient. His latest collaboration cosine sun together with sensien shifted his work towards dubstep landscapes.

He became visual artist overnight. Literally. The project started the night before the Stainage V, back in 2008. Based on the bits and pieces used to create the Stainage graphical style (an Irish Kilt Pattern in case you wonder...). After a 24h coding rush, the initial version was built from scratch using the java framework processing . Since then the project has been evolving continuously. The live performances become alive through the evolution of simple geometrical shapes which patterns and colours evolve according to the music played, providing the dancefloor with contrasted and potent atmospheres.

Among others motscousus has performed for Reset parties at Halles de Schaerbeek, Dour Festival, VK 20th birthday festival, Globalocal festival and La Cambre Fashion Show.