Resistance / 2nd Opinion

Anything ending in 007 must resonate to a certain degree with the slick character that became so popular as a spy. No exception here as Stainage belts one of its bass-stealthiest releases to date. Imagine James Bond playing Resident Evil and fighting back to back with Alice... 

Grimelock stand up to their name by delivering 2 tracks that cross over techno, dubstep and breakbeat templates with ease while keeping the grime pressure locked for full effect.

Resistance kicks in with a dubbed out grimey atmosphere complimented by a pulsatile rhythm section and a teeth-grinding hypnotic vocal. This could easily be the anthem of a post atomic salvation army desperately trying to find survivors in a world full of zombies. 

2nd Opinion continues in the same key but develops into a dark and minimal trip laid over an almost organic broken beat.

This pair of tracks is more about building that subtle psychological angst which is more subversive and effective than physical shattering beats.
Samples STAIN 007 / Grimelock / RESISTANCE . 2nd OPINION (clip) by Stainage Records