Floatin' / Treasure Isle
Dusk Creator x KLB x Hush

Stainage steps into 2012 with a change in tactics and a shift in style. The half step gloom leaves the cocoon to morph into a more mature sound where glittering garage and future house take the spotlight on the dance floor.

The first level of the conversion is knobbed by label founders KLB and Hush featuring recently signed Dusk Creator. Floatin does exactly what it says through a steady combination of soulful garage grooves driven by choice vocal snippets over airy atmos and a warm sub.

Dusk Creator takes the lead to exhibit his skills in creating epic soundscapes layered over carefully crafted breaks. Treasure Island is a fine exercise which employs a slick arsenal of well studied mood shifting frequency trickery for an outcome worthy to soundtrack any Avatar contender.

Jonas Dub brings an intimate brain dance bonus to the digital release and further enhances the audioweb weaved by the preceding tune.